Fall Guys Season 6 Will Be Unveiled Next Week

Fall Guys Season 6

Fall Guys Season 6 is nearly here and developers Mediatonic have hinted at what we can expect.

True, we don’t have a release date for the new season of this online wobble-em-up, but give the theme and the spacing of previous seasons you can count on it being out early to mid December. The new season’s theme is “Party Spectacular” and, despite the name, it won’t involve the introduction of a racist uncle or a mini-game where you have to avoid drunkenly crushing your career prospects. Probably.

Instead, Season 6 will introduce new costumes, new rounds, new obstacles and “surprise collaboration guests”. We’re assuming the latter refers to Santa and/or Krampus though, given no-one’s using him right now, we’ve got our fingers crossed for Mr Blobby – maybe someone can twist Noel Edmonds’ arm.

We’ll know for sure next Tuesday 23rd November, which is when Mediatonic will streaming a full reveal, through their Twitch and YouTube channels. The stream will take place at 5pm GMT / 12pm EST and has been dubbed Big Streamus 2: The Dabbening. Are we going to watch the stream? Yes. Are we going to be silently cringing whenever we think about that name? Absolutely.