Far Cry 6’s Vaas: Insanity is DLC Done Right

Far Cry 6 Vaas Insanity

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve written about a game’s DLC by saying “it’s more of the same”.

And while most of the time that’s followed by “…and that’s no bad thing” (because if we loved a game, then more of it is usually welcome, right?) it’s really nice to not have to say that. Because Far Cry 6‘s first premium DLC, Vaas: Insanity, is completely separate from the main game, offering a completely different experience. And it’s refreshing as hell.

You’ll know Vaas Montenegro if you played Far Cry 3, which released all the way back in 2012. He’s one of the game’s main antagonists, portrayed as being unstable and unhinged. Vaas: Insanity brings him back in the first of three DLC packs for Far Cry 6, each of which focuses on a different Far Cry villain. We’re not sure what exactly is in store for Control and Collapse, coming in early 2022 and featuring Pagan Min and Joseph Seed respectively. But Insanity, Vaas’ slice of the action, turns the first-person action of Far Cry into a roguelike. And it works incredibly well, actually.

Vaas: Insanity is set within the mind of Vaas. The landscape mostly looks normal, until you start to pay attention. Wait, are those… sharks flying through the air? And why is there a volcano here? Some things don’t quite add up, and it makes for a pleasingly surreal experience. To free Vaas from his own mind you’ll need to find three parts of a weapon, but doing so won’t be easy. You’re going to die time and time again in the quest to find them, each time needing to start from the beginning.

Not all is lost though; this is a roguelike, remember?  And so, as you play you’ll earn money which can be spent on permanent upgrades. You can increase the amount of health vials you can carry, for instance, along with other boosts to Vaas’ survivability. You can also upgrade your weapon by improving its damage output and unlocking various attachments. You’ll only have a pistol to start out with, though, and getting new weapons in your arsenal is another task altogether.

As you explore the world inside Vaas’ mind, you’ll come across challenge shrines. Each weapon type has its own shrine, and interacting with it will throw you into a challenge. Complete it, and a new weapon type will be available to you when you start your new run – but it won’t be easy. The challenges throw enemies at you at an increased rate, and only by surviving and killing them all will you succeed. You might fail, but don’t worry – simply try again.

Ubisoft DLC in particular has a habit of simply tacking on new missions to the main game that offer more of the same. And so being able to dive into something completely different is undoubtedly a very welcome option for those who own Far Cry 6‘s Season Pass. After all, with Far Cry 6 being as vast as it is, do we really need more of it? (No.) Rather, Vaas: Insanity uses familiar gameplay and familiar characters (for those who played Far Cry 3, at least) to deliver something altogether different. This is creative and fun, presented with an engaging gameplay loop that will undoubtedly suck you in for “just one more try” long into the evening.

If you like the idea of a twist on Far Cry’s signature FPS gameplay, then Vaas: Insanity is well worth picking up. It’s available by itself for £11.99, or as part of Far Cry 6‘s Season Pass, priced at £32.99. The Season Pass is also included in Far Cry 6‘s Gold and Ultimate editions.

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