Halo Infinite’s New Live-Action “Forever We Fight” Trailer Certainly is Dramatic

Halo Forever We Fight

With Halo Infinite just over a week from release, Microsoft have released a new two-minute trailer.

The trailer is live action up until the point it hits the Halo era, and shows people struggling to survive various life-threatening situations. It starts off with a pair of young shepherds who find themselves besieged by wolves. Then it jumps to what we’re assuming is World War I, with a woman who, protecting a pair of wounded soldiers, takes up arms against the enemy.

The trailer then switches to someone being airlifted out of the sea and, shortly after, shows an astronaut piloting her craft into some kind of wormhole or nebula. Finally it jumps to Master Chief on a futuristic battlefield. It then flips through the various scenes, before it hits the Halo Infinite logo and reminding you that you can play it day one through Game Pass.

It’s all very dramatic stuff, which no doubt it cost a pretty penny to make, and I’m grateful that Mad World isn’t in there. But, compared to Halo 3’s Believe trailer, it really didn’t tug at my heartstrings. Instead, I kept thinking about the crassness of Microsoft leveraging a world war to sell a sci-fi game. And, yes, I know Call of Duty, Battlefield and their ilk have mined those conflicts again and again again.

Maybe you’ll have a different reaction to the trailer. You can check it out above or get your hands on Halo Infinite when it hits Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC this December 8th, and also play it for free on Xbox Game Pass. You can also play the multiplayer beta right now. 

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