Halo’s Master Chief Does His Business in the Suit and That’s Official

Halo Infinite

Halo’s Master Chief spends a lot of time in that suit so just how does he go about “removing” himself if he needs a number one? He doesn’t, according to Microsoft.

Author Karen Traviss, also responsible for the Republic Commando novelisations, revealed this shocking truth in her 2011 novel, Halo: Glasslands. 

“I’m catheterized.. this suit plugs into me in a lot of places”, explains one of the book’s Spartans. And, just like that, this little factoid slipped into Halo lore. However, it wasn’t until Polygon interviewed Frank O’Connor, a creative director at Microsoft, that it truly became the official Microsoft line.

“Everything that Chief secretes in a normal day” is recycled, according to O’Connor. And yes, that means Master Chief is either drinking his recycled pee through a straw or it’s being fed into him via some sort of drip. Not just pee, either – sweat, snot, the whole deal is coming right back to Master Chief. Yummy.

As the Polygon piece points out, Dune’s stillsuits do much the same, making it possible to survive on that movie’s arid world. However, the stillsuits are a necessity due to the lack of water. Given that Halo’s worlds are generally well foliaged, there’s less of a need.Personally, we’d sooner have Death Stranding’s piss grenades – let’s see how tough Craig the Brute is when he’s drenched in Master Chief’s leavings.

So, now you know, and you can never remove this forbidden knowledge from your brain. We should know, we tried, but it’s some small solace that we were able to share.