Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is Closing its Dumbledoors this January

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is getting shut down and, as of January 31st 2022, will be nothing but a memory.

“Hang on a minute,” you might be thinking, “Isn’t that the AR game that was made by the Pokemon Go team?” Yes, it absolutely is – Niantic were responsible for both augmented reality games, both of which see you travelling to different physical locations to ensnare magical beasts. But while Pokemon Go is still going strong, it’ll soon be game over for Wizards Unite.

“We are incredibly thankful to every single person in our amazing community of witches and wizards for adventuring with us out in the real world”, reads Niantic’s statement on the Wizards Unite webpage. However, the company hasn’t provided a concrete explanation as to why it’s shutting down. Another statement, this time on Niantic’s blog, suggests that this was planned, that they’d planned for a two year narrative arc (the the game having launched in 2019) and this was always going to happen.

Is the latter true? Possibly, but we suspect that if Harry Potter: Wizards Unite was as profitable or as active as Pokemon Go it’d be getting a third year of story content. As reported by SensorTower, Pokemon Go generated an estimated $29m in revenue last month, compared to roughly $100,000 from Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. 

So, as of January 31st 2022, Wizard Unite’s servers will be shut down, the app will be removed from the iOS and Android stores and, even if you keep the app around, it’ll fail to function. You can find the full details on the official Harry Potter: Wizards Unite website, but the biggest takeway, shutdown aside, is that you won’t be able to get a refund on your in-game currency. If you fail to spend it before the shutdown it’ll vanish, just like magic.

Sorry, Harry, it’s back under the stair cupboard for you.