How Long Does it Take to Beat Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One?

Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One

If you’re jumping into Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One, you might be wondering how long it’ll take to beat. Here’s what you need to know.

The latest game from Frogwares focusing on the famous literary detective takes us back to his youth. Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One puts us in the shoes of Sherlock as a young adult. He hasn’t yet begun his career as a world-famous detective; instead, he’s just beginning to hone his skills. The game takes place on the fictional but beautiful island of Cordona, where Holmes intends to discover exactly what happened to his mother, who died a decade earlier. But how long is it going to take you to complete?

There’s a lot of content to Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One, so how long you’ll spend with it will depend just how much of the content you want to dive into. Focus solely on the main missions, and you’ll be done with the game in around 15 hours. But that will mean you’ll miss out on a lot of worthwhile side content.

If you want to do everything available in Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One, you’ll be looking to spend upwards of 50 hours with the game. There’s a huge range of side missions, which sees Sherlock hunting down childhood memories, helping the police solve local crime cases, and more. You should at least intend to interact with some of this, as it enriches the whole experience exponentially.

We reckon in a normal playthrough, you’re likely to take on a mixture of main missions and side missions. And in that case, expect to spend 25-30 hours with Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One, having a well-rounded experience covering all types of content available in the game.