How to Gift Cars in Forza Horizon 5

Forza Horizon 5

While there aren’t many features that are genuinely new in Forza Horizon 5, being able to gift cars to others is a nice new addition.

There are hundreds of cars in Forza Horizon 5, ranging from retro classics to the most expensive supercars. Chances are you’ll acquire a large number of them as rewards simply by playing the game. The others you’ll have to spend your hard earned cash on to add to your garage. But what if all of a sudden you feel rather generous and wish to gift a car to another player?

To gift a car to another player in Forza Horizon 5, begin by pressing the menu button. On the menu that appears, navigate to the My Horizon tab with the left and right shoulder buttons, then select Gift Drop. You’ll then be taken to your garage, where you can select the car that you wish to gift.

After selecting the car that you wish to gift, you’ll be asked who you want to send it to. This is where some players are likely to be disappointed, however, as you can’t specify a single player, such as a friend or someone else you’ve just played with. Instead, you have a choice of five groups of players to send the car to: anyone, new players, returning players, new Hall of Fame members, or community contributors.

After selecting which group of players you’d like to send your car to, you’ll be asked which of four preset messages you’d like to send along with it. You can also choose whether the lucky recipient sees your Gamertag or Player Name upon receiving their gift, or to remain anonymous. And of course, you can review all of these details before finally sending the gift and removing the car from your garage.

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