How to Splice Animals in Let’s Build a Zoo

Let's Build a Zoo

Let’s Build a Zoo lets you splice two animals together to create your own abomin.. er, adorable animal blend. But how do you actually go about it? Read on.

Let’s Build a Zoo is an awful lot of fun, and if you want to know why you can check out our review. But one gripe we have is that splicing animals requires a little too much work, which is why we’re going to make things a little easier by explaining just what you need to do to create your own animal mash-ups.


To create animals in Let’s Build a Zoo, first of all you need to have unlocked the CRISPR, the gene-blending machine that’ll let you splice animals. This doesn’t require much effort; the game automatically unlocks it for you and will show you a news report about it. This should happen early on in the game, so until then, just follow any tutorials it throws at you.

When the CRISPR is unlocked, build one (you’ll be prompted to employ someone to run it so go right ahead).


That’s the machinery sorted, but you still need to unlock the full genomes of the two animals you want to splice. You do that by purchasing, exchanging or breeding every variety of the animal. So, having a white rabbit isn’t enough; you’ll need to have the white and brown variety, and all the rest, until you have 100% of that animal’s genome. You don’t need the animals in question to stick around though, so after they’ve briefly been in your zoo you can sell them.

Once you have genomes you require, you can then click on the CRISPR, which is extremely easy to use. You can choose to blend any two animals, but no more than two, and upon clicking on collect you’ll be shown an image of the creature you’ve created. You’ll then be asked which enclosure you want to put it in and that’s it. There are over 300,000 animal combinations, but you’ll still have to gather all of an animal’s variants if you want to splice it. The spliced animals will still need feeding and watering like your regular animals.

Have a little patience

Since Let’s Build a Zoo starts you off with some relatively unimpressive animals – geese, rabbits and so forth, it’ll take a while before you’ve got the genetic know-how to create something really impressive. The good news is you don’t have to work out the genomes for the “lesser” animals, just the ones you want to splice.

You can also buy spliced animals from black market traders but the real fun comes from creating your own and watching how the public react, preferably with as few screams as possible.

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