Let’s Build a Zoo Has Broken Even in its First Week and is Coming to Consoles

Let's Build a Zoo

Let’s Build a Zoo has broken even, less than a week after the oddball zoo sim’s release.

Time for a “Let’s Build a Huge Pile of Money” joke? Not quite yet. What this means is that Let’s Build a Zoo, currently available on PC, has recouped its development costs so from here on in it’s making a profit. You can check out our review here, but it’s a sim game that gives you the choice of running a zoo ethically or, alternatively, getting up to all sorts of suspect shenanigans. And, as silly as its Theme Park style aesthetic makes it look it’s surprisingly deep.

Let’s Build a Zoo has also made serious headway into the the Eastern market. 15% of the game’s player base are in China, while 13% are from Thailand, making them the second and third biggest purchasers of the game. The U.S. is first at 26% but there’s a fair distribution all round.

Publishers No More Robots and developers are also working on bringing the game to consoles, which is good news. But you know what’s really good news? Our biggest gripe about Let’s Build a Zoo has been fixed – as of the latest patch, you only need 5 animal types to splice animals together, not 10. As a result it’s now it’s easier to create your own cute and/or offputting animal mashups.

You can buy Let’s Build a Zoo from Steam now, or pick it up on PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch in the New year.