Loop Hero is Coming to Switch on 9th December

Loop Hero

Loop Hero, released on PC earlier this year, is making its way to Switch next month.

If you haven’t yet played Loop Hero, you’ve missed out, quite frankly. But come 9th December, the game will be landing on Switch, giving an all-new playerbase a chance to experience its simple but addictive gameplay.

From Devolver Digital and Four Quarters, Loop Hero has one of the most basic, antiquated art styles we’ve seen in recent years. But don’t let that put you off. The gameplay here is king, putting you in charge of a knight stuck in a timeless loop. By placing down tiles you have some control over that loop, positioning enemies and arranging the terrain in a way that affects how the game plays.

Ultimately, your goal is to collect loot, improve yourself and take back resources in order to improve your base game. Maybe eventually you’ll be able to break the loop and restore balance to the world.

We reviewed Loop Hero on PC back in March, and here’s what we had to say:

“Don’t let Loop Hero‘s simple appearance fool you; a dense and addictive game, unlike anything else you’ve played, lurks under its retro veneer, waiting to get its claws into you. And once you’ve fallen into the loop, it’ll be hard to get back out again. Building up your character and creating the world around him is gloriously rewarding, and not even death is going to stand in your way.”

If that sounds good, you can grab it on the eShop on Nintendo Switch from 9th December. Pre-ordering it will net you a 10% discount.