Maneater Patch Notes: PS5 and Xbox Series X Get Ray Tracing

Maneater Truth Quest Review

A new update has just been pushed out for Maneater, and if you own the game on PS5 or Xbox Series X, you might want to take note.

The ‘ShaRk-PG’ game that puts you in control of a blood-hungry shark has a new update. Along with fixing various bugs and adding optimisation improvements to all formats, the latest patch for Maneater introduces ray tracing to the game on PS5 and Xbox Series X. That means that visuals will look better than ever thanks to improved reflections.

You can read the full patch notes by clicking here, or keep on reaching. We’ve summarised the key improvements below. The patch is now available to everyone on all formats.

  • Ray tracing support added on PS5 and Xbox Series X
  • HDR has been improved on PS5 and Xbox Series X. Fixed issues where intro movies were too dark and where blur/transparency on menus would not work as intended.
  • Fixed issue where importing save file from PS4 to PS5 would sometimes crash
  • Performance improvements, particularly targeting PS4 and Xbox One
  • Performance improvements with PFX for seagulls, fish school and squids
  • Adjusted how in-game menus load
  • Fixed PS5 trophy bug where queued trophies could become stuck
  • Fixed an issue where Scaly Pete’s boat would not appear after completing the game
  • Time of day and lighting will now match up correctly.

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