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Mech Game Wolfstride Stomps Onto the Scene This December


Fancy spending Christmas stomping around in a giant robot? Then you’ll be glad to hear that Wolfstride now has a December release date.

Black-and-white mech RPG Wolfstride sees you entering a mech fighting league, after three down-on-their-luck characters inherit a gigantic robot. Seeing a chance to turn their lives around, they sign up for the the Ultimate Golden God Tournament which, according to developers OTA IMON Studios is “the planet’s most elite mecha competition”.

Yes, it’s a terrible, terrible idea, and the trio probably have a million in one chance of winning. But as Discworld author Terry Pratchett put it, “..million-to-one chances crop up nine times out of ten.” We have to admit, the idea of your great-grandma leaving you a massive walking war machine is very, very cool. And the fact that Wolfstride is turn-based should at least give you time to think about your next life or death move.

We wrote about Wolfstride back in June, but publishers Raw Fury have revealed that it’ll be arriving on PC this December. To mark the news, they’ve released a new trailer, showing a little more of the game in action, including your ridiculously big-collared protagonist.

Wolfstride does look like fun, particularly since it seems to strike a balance between giant Mechwarrior-style walking tanks and more agile Gundam style mech suits. You can jump into the pilot’s seat this December 7th and wishlist it on Steam right now.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re going down the nursing home and asking if anyone owns a giant robot. No reason.

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