November’s Xbox Games With Gold Have Been Revealed

Xbox Live November 2021

Ready to add some games to your already towering gaming backlog? Microsoft has announced the four titles that are joining Xbox Games With Gold this month.

Unlike Xbox Game Pass, if you’re an Xbox Live Gold subscriber and claim these games this month, you can re-download them any time, as long as you have a valid Xbox Live subscription. So they’ll always be there, lurking, tapping their foot and getting increasingly annoyed that you haven’t played them.

This month’s offerings, two of which are available right now are as follows:

  • Moving Out (Xbox One): Available November 1st to 30th
  • Kingdom Two Crowns (Xbox One): Available November 16th to December 15th
  • Rocket Knight (Xbox 360): Available November 1st to 15th
  • Lego Batman 2 DC Super Heroes (Xbox 360): Available November 16th to November 30th

While we haven’t reviewed Lego Batman 2 DC Super Heroes, mainly because it was released before GameSpew even existed, I can confirm it’s a lot of fun. Even when you’re done with the storyline, just roaring around an open-world Gotham in the Batmobile is an absolute joy. Moving Out is excellent, as long as you share the shenanigans; it’s a little dull on your own but,  as we remarked in our review, but we concluded that, “As far as party games go, Moving Out is one of the best of recent years.”

Rocket Knight is another pre-GameSpew title, but I’ve fond memories of playing the original on the MegaDrive so the nostalgia factor alone should make this action game worth dipping into. As for Kingdom Two Crowns (which includes the Dead Lands DLC), we gave its prequel a phenomenal 10 out of 10 and if OpenCritic is to be believed, the sequel is even better.

So, on the whole, this month’s Xbox Games With Gold are worth playing. Should you tearing yourself away from whatever title currently holds your rapt attention? Probably not, but if you are an Xbox Live Gold subscriber you’ll regret not adding them to the backlog pile.

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