Outriders New Horizon Update Adds New Expeditions, Transmogrification and More

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People Can Fly considers the latest update for Outriders as “wrapping up work on the base game”.

For those who were expecting the biggest update for the game yet to feature additional story content, mods or perhaps even a new character class, that might come as a disappointment. But fear not: dubbed as New Horizon, the latest update for Outriders still brings new content as well as a host of improvements. Better yet, it paves the way for People Can Fly’s future plans; a new expansion for the game, called Worldslayer, is set for launch next year.

It’s no secret that Outriders had a troubled launch. Server issues made it hard to play at times, and those truly unfortunate even found their characters disappearing. The truth is, People Can Fly was simply overwhelmed by interest in the game, and thankfully those issues have been ironed out now with numerous patches. Criticism was also aimed at the studio for the way it handled balancing; many players didn’t like their builds being ‘nerfed’. That’s something which has also been addressed since.


Numerous issues still haven’t been fixed, however, and New Horizon aims to address them. Some players derived pleasure from booting team members before they could grab their loot at the end of expeditions, for example. That will be impossible with the new update. Players will also find that they can finally skip the lengthy intro video that plays every time they launch the game, and that they have more controller customisation options. Cross-play is also finally implemented, allowing players to team up whether they’re playing on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Stadia or PC.

There are a couple more new exciting additions to Outriders thanks to its New Horizon update, too. The first is a transmogrification feature, allowing you to make your character look exactly how you’d like. You’ll have to find items to add them to your transmogrification pool first, of course, but by the end of the game you should have a wealth of cosmetic options available. What’s more exciting to us, however, is a major change to how expeditions work, as well as multiple new expeditions being added into the mix.

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Basically, New Horizon does away with the timer. It’s no longer a race to finish expeditions for the best rewards. It means that build options are opened up; as long as you can finish an expedition, you’ll be handsomely rewarded for it. So, you no longer need to just chase high DPS – high survivability builds are also viable. Along with multiple balance changes, it should make expeditions much more enjoyable for all. Especially with the legendry drop rate being increased, and a new sink for for your capsule resource.

Along with the removal of the timer, four new expeditions are also introduced: Molten Depths, The Marshall’s Complex, City of Nomads, and The Wellspring. Each one offers a unique environment to work your way through, throwing a whole host of the game’s enemies at you. Becoming available at various tiers, chances are you’ll be able to take on at least one of them upon fishing the game’s main campaign. The hardest of them, however, The Wellspring, is comparable to Eye of the Storm.

We were lucky enough to get to play through all four new expeditions, and enjoyed them immensely. Starting out in a frozen waste, Molten Depths finds you descending into a lava-filled cave until you eventually do battle with a giant spider. The Marshall’s Complex, on the other hand, throws into a more industrial environment where you’re fighting humans rather than monsters. And then there’s City of Nomads, a ruined, sandy environments that throws a healthy mix of box humans and monsters at you.

The Wellspring though, as well as being the hardest of them all, is also the best. Starting you in a sandy town, you’ll battle powerful Pax in the midst of a storm, before coming face-to-face with a shaman. He put an end to our exploits numerous times, but with persistence he was eventually overcome. What we didn’t expect was for the expedition to continue after we’d took him town.

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It’s a shame that New Horizon is arriving over six months after Outrider‘s launch, as many will have undoubtedly completed the game’s campaign and had their fill of Expeditions mode. For those that are yet to play it or still find themselves returning to it on a regular basis, however, it’s great. It might entice some players to return, too – we’re certainly planning on doing so, if only to finally grab yet more legendary items for our characters.

People Can Fly has already made it much easier for players to find legendary items in Outriders, and New Horizon makes it even easier for players to grab full sets. On top of that, completing the Eye of the Storm expedition will now allow players to choose an item from the legendary pool. So, jumping into Outriders might prove to be quite lucrative when the New Horizon update goes live tomorrow, 16th November. And everyone who logs in during the week after its launch will be gifted a unique legendary item.

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