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Prefer racing bikes rather can cars? Ride 4 is the Xbox Series X game for you.

The Ride series has been going for some years now, and the latest has been given the Xbox Series X treatment to make it stand out. The result is a game with stunning visuals, a smooth framerate and fast loading times. So, Ride 4 is the best yet.

Essentially Gran Turismo with bikes, Ride 4‘s career mode has you starting at the bottom. From there, you need to take part in races and make a name for yourself. That involves acquiring licences, earning money, and buying the bikes you need to compete in yet more events. It’s engrossing, and thanks to a wide range of assist options, also pretty accessible.

Of course, online multiplayer is also available, allowing you to compete with other like-minded bike aficionados. So, if you’re after the best racing games on Xbox Series X and love bikes, consider this a must-have.

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