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‘Scenarios’ are Available in The Sims 4 as an All-New Way to Play

The Sims 4 is quite simply the gift that keeps on giving in terms of new content and expansions.

Today, EA has revealed information on The Sims 4‘s latest new update, which adds a brand new gameplay feature to all users for free. Called ‘Scenarios’, they are in-game situations where players must solve a problem that’s affecting their Sims. It’s a new way to interact with the game, and adds more ways to play the game for users who like a bit of challenge.

Each Scenario will have more than one way to complete it, and will have different outcomes. So how you approach the Scenario is entirely up to you.

Scenarios will be added to the game over time, with two currently available. Some Scenarios will be time limited, while others will be continually tweaked or updated.

Here are the two Scenarios that you can look forward to in The Sims 4 right away:

“Making Money” Scenario

In this Scenario, your Sim will have their bank balance reset to 0 when they move into a new lot. You’ll have to work your way from zero to one million Simoleons in order to complete the challenge. How you earn that money? It’s up to you. But those first few days or weeks, when your Sim needs to eat and have somewhere to sleep, are going to be tough. I hope you at least chose to move them into a furnished lot…

“Finding Love After a Break Up” Scenario

This Scenario is all about matters of your Sim’s heart. Your Sim has just broken up with their partner – and your goal is to have them find love again. How? That’s up to you. Maybe you want to salvage the broken relationship, or maybe you want to find them someone completely new.

Both of these Scenarios can only be played with a new household, but it’s likely that future Scenarios will let you play with existing characters. We’re looking forward to seeing how these pan out – a new way to play a long-running game is always an exciting prospect.

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