Sonic the Hedgehog is Coming to… Monster Hunter Rise?

Monster Hunter Rise Sonic the Hedgehog

No, you don’t need to go lie down. You did indeed read that title correctly. Sonic the Hedgehog is coming to Monster Hunter Rise.

Let’s be realistic here. In the world of Monster Hunter, humans hunt down rare and exotic creatures. And so, if they saw a blue bipedal hedgehog who could run at lightning-fast speeds, they’d probably try and hunt it down. Sorry, Sonic, but you’d absolutely be on the menu.

It seems Capcom is going to gloss over what is the most ‘realistic’ scenario though, as it instead looks like the blue blur will be joining your side to fight alongside you. Well, almost. A ‘Sonic Costume’ armour set will become available for your Palico, essentially turning your Felyne companion into the hedgehog himself.

That’s not all. You’ll be able to dress up as Sonic yourself in ‘Sonic Wear’ layered armour, and your Palamute can dress up as Tails with ‘Canyne Tails’ armour. Whether or not you choose to dress up, you’ll also be able to take part in two new Special Event Quests, which see you racing around the environment collecting golden rings. The highlight of this is that it’s set to the beat of classic Sonic tunes. Count us in.

You can read more about the Sonic x Monster Hunter collaboration by clicking here, or watch the trailer below. The good news is that the Sonic content will be free to all Monster Hunter Rise players, landing in-game from 26th November. And if you’re holding out for the Steam version (which lands in January), you’ll be pleased to know the Sonic content will be included at launch.

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