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Take a Trip Through Your Xbox History With the Xbox Museum

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Want to know what your most played games are for the last five years? If you’re an Xbox gamer, that information is now at your fingertips, as well as whole lot more.

The Xbox Museum is an in-browser experience that lets you view your Xbox history. It shows you when you first used each Xbox console and what game you played, your most played game in a selection of categories, and numerous other random stats and titbits of information that you might find useful and/or amusing.

Logging in myself, I wasn’t that surprised to discover that my last five years of Xbox gaming have been dominated by Diablo III and Forza Horizon 4, while Forza Horizon 5 has quickly become my most played Xbox game of 2021. It’s just a shame it doesn’t tell you exactly how many hours you’ve spent with each of them. With Diablo III being my most played Xbox game overall, I’d wager I’ve spent a good few hundred hours slaying foul demons and beasts in the world of Sanctuary.

As well as giving you an overview of your personal history with Xbox, the Xbox Museum also allows you to explore important moments of Xbox history. From the creation of the original Xbox to the launch of the Xbox Series X/S, everything is covered, and you can explore in as much detail as you wish, with over 130 moments to be discovered.

Want to explore the Xbox Museum and view your own personal stats? Simply head to museum.xbox.com and sign in. From there, you can either explore the history of Xbox to your heart’s content, or go to your personal museum. Either way, there are some interesting pieces of information and stats to be found.

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