5World War Z

World War Z 2

If Back 4 Blood doesn’t quite have enough zombies for you, why not give World War Z a go?

It may follow a similar format, but World War Z gets enough right to be worthy of your time. It offers multiple episodes for you to work through in online co-op, each consisting of a few or so levels. And once you’re done, you can try them all over again with the difficulty set higher.

A range of character classes gives the game some depth, with new perks being unlocked as you level up. Weapons can also be upgraded, meaning that eventually you’re a force to be reckoned with. And you’ll need to be considering the size of some zombie hordes sent your way.

There’s no doubt about it: World War Z is currently one of the best online multiplayer games on Xbox Game Pass. No other game has quite this many zombies at least, that’s for sure.

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