1You’re Going to Want to Play These PS5 Roguelike Games

Neon Abyss best roguelike games

Die, die and die again.

There’s only one certain thing when you’re playing a roguelike game: you’re going to die. A lot, probably. And when you do, you’ll go right back to the beginning, with your only option to try all over again.

But as frustrating as death may be, it’s also the joy of the roguelike genre. For each time you try, you get a little bit stronger; a little bit more capable to deal with what lies ahead. Maybe it’s just your own skills improving, or maybe you’ll get to level up in some way; unlock a new permanent upgrade or spend a skill point or two. Not all roguelike games are created equally, and what they allow you to carry over between runs varies from game to game.

We’ve rounded up a handful of the best roguelike games on PS5; some native to the console, and some playable thanks to backwards compatibility. There’s a good range available, all very different in style and tone. So, if you’re looking for a new roguelike to sink your teeth into, click on through.

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