Moonlighter 5-min

Moonlighter is perhaps the odd one out on this list. It’s not fully a roguelike, but it does have elements of games in the genre. And it’s such a fantastic title we’re making an exception. Because despite its differences, it’s still one of the best roguelike games on PS5.

Moonlighter is very much a game of two halves. In the first half, you’re a shopkeeper living in a small village. You run your shop during the day, setting fair prices for your wares, serving customers, and policing your store of any trouble-causers that come in. The profits you make allow you to purchase better gear to help with the second part of the game: a dungeon-crawling adventure.

You see, on the outskirts of the town you live in is a series of mysterious dungeons. It’s somehow fallen to you to explore these, killing the enemies that lay within. There’s one benefit though: while exploring, you’ll find valuable goods that you can sell in your shop the next day. If you die before making it out, however, you’ll lose most of what you’ve found.  

It’s not a roguelike in the sense that you’ll completely lose your progress at any point, but you’ll have to start at the beginning of a dungeon each time you go to explore it. It means if you progress to a higher level area of a dungeon – filled with more valuable loot – you’ll lose that progress if you die. You’ll have to constantly balance risk vs reward and, even if you may never completely die altogether, the roguelike elements here make Moonlighter one of the best games in the genre.

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