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The Spirit and the Mouse is an Adorable Adventure-Puzzler Coming Next Year

The Spirit and the Mouse 1

The Spirit and the Mouse is an adorable-looking adventure which will be arriving next year.

At least, we think it’s meant to be adorable. In truth, there’s something off-putting about Lila, your rodent hero, acquiring electrical powers. In the trailer she uses her powers to zoom through the power lines, Gremlins 2 style. We’re now eyeing our plug sockets with some suspicion.

Lila’s mission, aside from using the power lines to gain direct to your refrigerator, is to assist a French village’s humans in solving their problems. She’s aided by Lumion the Spirit who has more than a little to do with Lila’s new lightning powers. The trailer also shows her roaming the village eavesdropping on people to discover what their problems are.

Between this, Moss, Tails of Iron and Ghost of a Tale, we’re seeing a real, if inexplicable, uptick in rodent-related games. You’ll have to wait a little longer to get your hands on The Spirit and the Mouse however, which isn’t arriving till late 2022. In the mean time you can check out the trailer below and wishlist it on Steam.

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