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Weekend Musings #6: Technical Gremlins

Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash

Rich and I don’t just write and edit GameSpew. We run it in its entirety, and that means being responsible for everything.

That’s all fine and dandy until shit hits the fan, as it did this week. We don’t have an IT department we can call upon, or a web developer to drop an email to. We are both the IT department and the web developer. And so, when something goes wrong, it falls to us to fix it.

This week we had a major problem in that the company who hosts GameSpew suffered a technical glitch. There’s only one thing worse than a technical problem, and that’s a technical problem that’s out of your control. Thankfully – and thanks to the hivemind of other affected website owners on Twitter – we figured out a workaround. It’s still not completely fixed, but we’re on the way to recovery. Sadly, it’s a technical issue that’s cost us a lot of traffic, money and time. The next few days and weeks will be spent repairing the damage. So, if you’re a regular reader – thank you for your support and continuing to visit us.

This weekend, we have a digital horror film festival to look forward to – the wonderful Abertoir – which I’m sure I’ll share more about next week. In between I also need to find time to fix the gremlins that still persist and dive, quite literally, into more of Beyond Blue on Switch. Along with a couple of other games I’m not allowed to mention just yet.

Let’s hope for a more peaceful and less… broken… week next week. Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend, everyone.

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