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Weekend Musings #7: The Black Hole of Black Friday


That’s pretty much how I feel after the last week. Black Friday isn’t even a ‘thing’ here in the UK; at least it never used to be. But the American commercialism wagon raised its anchor and made its way to our small island some years back. And even though we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, we all know exactly what day it falls on: the day before Black Friday.

Except, Black Friday isn’t really one day anymore, is it? It’s a full week, or in some retailers’ cases, a full month. Black November, I’ve seen quite a few times. And it’s all a bit pointless, isn’t it? Because for the majority of “deals”, we’ve already seen it at that price or less at some other non-holiday time of the year. What I’m trying to say, dear readers, Black Friday is very much a con that we’re all suckered into.

And yes, I do buy into it, as I’ve been pumping out DEALS! posts all week for your eyes to engage with. And a huge thanks to Alex and Chris who have helped keep the consumerist wheels turning too. We don’t normally so much bother with Black Friday deals here, because we’re a small team – we don’t have the bandwidth to churn out at anywhere near the speed or volume as larger sites. But we’ve shown face, and so you’ll find a healthy smattering of – at least what we consider to be – some of the better deals that Black Friday has offered up to us. BUY THINGS BY CLICKING HERE!

So, if you’ve bought anything from one of our deals pages on Black Friday, thank you – because your support means a lot. And if you haven’t bought anything from Black Friday sales at all, then good on you – because you already live a life enriched enough to not be suckered in by deals. No, I don’t need yet another Xbox controller, but this one is 35% cheaper than it should be, therefore I should have it. And yes, I’ve already got 349 games I’m yet to play, but I’m going to buy 10 more because they’re discounted.

Oh, I did buy a discounted vacuum cleaner though, and I’ve had a whale of a time hoovering my stairs this afternoon. LOOK HOW CLEAN THEY ARE! THE OLD ONE NEVER PICKED UP DUST LIKE THIS!

It’s great being an adult.

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