Xbox Cloud Gaming is on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S

Xbox Cloud Gaming

Thanks to Xbox Cloud Gaming, you’ll soon be able to play Xbox Series X|S games on an Xbox One.

It sounds like the stuff of a madman’s dreams, but Microsoft has launched their game streaming service (also available on PC and mobile) on the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. Before you reach for your console’s power button, however, we should warn you that it’s not been rolled out to all console just yet. Yes, it’s technically live but only for a “subset of Xbox gamers” though it’ll be unlocked for all regions over the coming weeks.

You do need to be an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriber and the service is technically in beta but the prospect of optional console-based cloud gaming is exciting to say the least. As Microsoft points out in their announcement, you’ll be able to take cloud-enabled Xbox Series X|S games for a spin without having to install them on your console’s SSD.

But why just use Xbox Cloud Gaming to demo games? Visual quality will depend on the speed of your connection but we could easily see ourselves playing games long-term, without installing them. Yakuza: Like a Dragon’s  combat is turn-based so, as long as you can still pull off quick time events, why not try playing it via the cloud and save yourself some storage space? Sure, you could buy an additional SSD expansion card but at £200 for 1TB, it’s not exactly cheap.

On top of that, being able to play Xbox Series X|S exclusives on an Xbox One sounds like a great way to discover whether, for you, upgrading is worth it. Well, when you can actually buy an Xbox Series X, that is. The service has yet to grace our own UK-based consoles, but fingers crossed it’ll be arriving shortly.

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