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Aliens Fireteam Elite 3 (1)

Aliens: Fireteam Elite Season 2 Launches 14th December

It’s time to kill some more bugs.

We rather liked Aliens: Fireteam Elite when it launched earlier this year. Chances are though, if you’ve been playing it avidly, that you’ve pretty much seen all it has to offer by now. But worry not, Season 2 is on the way bringing new content that’s free for all. The second Endeavor Pass DLC pack for the game is on the way too.

Season 2: Point Defense launches on 14th December across all formats the game is available on. That’s PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC. Perhaps the biggest thing it introduces is a new mode called Point Defense, which is a fast-paced alternative to Horde Mode in which players need to protect, repair and hold three strategic points through multiple waves of xenomorph attack. To help them, they’ll be able to buy consumables using the Fabrication Points they earn, and up to 20 rewards are available for those who complete the mode at various difficulties.

Also introduced in Season 2: Point Defense is a new lifetime stats feature, a bunch of new challenge cards, and many new weapons, attachments and cosmetics available via the in-game store. Needless to say, if you’ve been itching to get back into Aliens: Fireteam Elite, later this month might be a good time.

For those who have the Endeavor Pass, The Nostromo Salvage Pack will also be available on 14th December. This DLC pack features over 20 exclusive items, including eight weapon colours, four emotes, four decals, four head accessories, and more. The best of it all though, has to be two Nostromo-themed class kit skin designs. They truly do look great.

There’s even more good news for Xbox Game Pass subscribers, too, as it has been announced that Aliens: Fireteam Elite will enter the service on PC and console on… you guessed it, 14th December. So, if you’re a PC or Xbox gamer that still hasn’t played Aliens: Fireteam Elite yet and you have a Game Pass subscription, you’ve got no excuse to not try it.

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