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Apex Legends’ Year in Review Stats Are Here and So Are the Comments

Apex Legends Statistics

With the year nearly over, Respawn have chosen to share this year’s Apex Legends stats.

If you’re wondering why they’ve not got around to making Titanfall 3 yet it might have something do with how absurdly successful Legends is. The free online shooter has racked up 22 billion player deaths, 5.5 billion revives and more. It’s interesting reading, particularly if you’ve been curious about the kind of pulling power Apex Legends has.

And then.. the comments started. But, surprisingly, they’re not a geyser of anger, hatred and entitlement. Maybe it’s the season but the replies are mostly congratulatory, and there’s an awful lot of excellent fan-art. It’s not clear whether the fan-art has been created by the people commenting, or if they’re just copying and pasting but it’s good to see people being passionate about a game with being absolute arses.

However, there is one comment that has us chuckling because, while it’s not currently in Apex Legends, we’d pay good money to see this implemented.

Yes, that’s concept art for a dialogue box that, in the event you quit and your team wins anyway, really rubs it in. The original concept can be found here – someone’s scrubbed off the credit – but it’s a great idea providing Apex Legends could distinguish between people quitting and getting accidentally disconnected.

You can find all of the Apex Legends statistics on this Twitter thread and if that’s enough to make you want to leap into Legends, you can download it for free on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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