The Best Accessories to Buy a PS5 Owner This Christmas 2021

ps5 accessories

Know someone who’s just managed to bag themselves a PS5 in time for Christmas, or are going to receive one as a gift? Still need to buy them a present yourself?

If that’s the case, there are multiple must-have accessories that would make their PS5 gaming endeavours much more enjoyable. We’ve put together a quick list of them to help you, and their prices range from pocket money to an amount that you’d perhaps only spend on someone you really do value in your life.

So, if you want to make a PS5-owning someone in your life smile on Christmas day, perhaps have a perusal and see if there’s anything that may be appropriate. But there’s one thing for certain: everything here is top quality and will come in very useful at some point.

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3D Pulse Headset

Sony 3D Pulse Wireless Headset 1

A headset comes in useful in multiple scenarios. They’re great for those late-night gamers who don’t want to disturb others in the house, for example. And they’re also great for those who like playing online and chatting their friends.

The Sony Pulse 3D Headset is designed specifically for the PS5, and is a great all-rounder. It’s wireless, well-constructed, and has brilliant sound quality for its price of just £89.99. Emphasising the console’s 3D audio capabilities, games really come alive when wearing this headset. Perhaps the only disappointing thing about it is that you need to plug the included dongle into your PS5 to use it. Read our full review of the 3D Pulse Headset here.

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DualSense Charging Station

PS5 Charging Station (1)

The PS5’s DualSense Controller is great, packing in new features such as haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. The trouble is, they take their toll on the controller’s battery life.

With a DualSense Charging Station, however, those battery life woes are a thing of the past. Simply set it up near your console, and place one or two DualSense controllers on it when you’re not playing. Et voila! You’ve always got fully charged controllers pretty much every time you play. This really is a must-have accessory for £24.99.

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DualSense Controller

DualSense PS5

A PS5 comes with one controller as standard. But what if someone wants to play a local multiplayer game?

It’s always handy to have a second controller. You just never know when an impromptu local multiplayer gaming session might occur, or when a controller might break. Unfortunately, there are no third-party PS5 controllers available at the moment, so you’ll have to buy official. It’s not really a problem though when official DualSense controllers are so good. They have an RRP of £59.99 and are available in three colours: White, Midnight Black, and Cosmic Red.

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M.2 SSD Storage Drive

PS5 SSD (1)

If you have someone dear to you in your life who owns a PS5 and they’re always complaining that they don’t have space to install new games, an M.2 SSD Storage Drive might just put a massive smile on their faces.

With just over 600GB of space available, the PS5 can’t store too many games. Its storage can be expanded, however, via a range of compatible M.2 SSD storage drives. There aren’t too many available, but our favourite is the 1TB ADATA XPG GAMMIX Blade, which retails for about £176. It’s fast, reliable, and comes with a heatsink to keep it cool. Alternatives are the Samsung 980 Pro, or the Seagate Firecuda 530, and they come in sizes ranging from 500GB up to 4TB.

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PlayStation Plus

PlayStation Plus (1)

It’s a bit of a sneaky hidden cost, but if someone wants to get the most out of their PS5 they really need PS Plus.

PS Plus allows gamers to play against others online, and also comes with other benefits. It’s required to be able to keep save data safe in the cloud, for example, and each month PS Plus members gain access to a number of games they can keep while they’re a subscriber. They get discounts a a range of games too.

One month of PS Plus can be purchased for £6.99, but it pays to buy in bulk. Three months of PS Plus is £19.99, for example, while a full year is only £49.99.

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Thrustmaster T248 Racing Wheel

Thrustmaster T248 Wheel (1)

This is perhaps the most niche item on this list, but if the PS5 owner in your life is a huge fan of racing games, they’ll absolutely love it.

The Thrustmaster T248 Racing Wheel is one of the newest to hit the market, and has numerous features that really make it stand out. It has an interactive race dashboard, for example, that has a selection of more than 20 displays. It also has magnetic paddle shifters with patented H.E.A.R.T technology for instant responsiveness. Best of all, though, it features an optimised Hybrid Drive system for powerful and realistic force feedback. Sure, there are better, more premium wheels available, but for under £300, this is the best value for money.

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