Caveblazers is Getting a Limited Physical Nintendo Switch Release


Caveblazers is getting a physical release, albeit a limited one, courtesy of Super Rare Games.

Caveblazers isn’t, despite the name, about a group of private school children who get lost on a subterranean school trip and end up at each other’s throats. Instead, it’s a fantasy action “roguelike” which sees you hunting for treasure, and an exit, beneath the Earth.

We reviewed the PC version back in 2017, praising its controls and fast-paced fun factor, as well as the way, despite initial appearances, it distinguished itself from Spelunky. Though we did take issue that, for a self-proclaimed roguelike, there wasn’t an awful lot of character improvement. We awarded it an 8 out of 10 and, initially released on PC and Mac, it went on to hit the Nintendo Switch in October 2019.

It’s this latter edition which, courtesy of Super Rare Games, is becoming a physical edition. Aside from a boxed cartridge version of Caveblazers, it’ll sport trading cards, a sticker and, perhaps rarest of all, a physical manual.

It’ll be available as a run of 4,000 so while we wouldn’t expect it to sell out immediately, it’s a finite release. You can pre-order Caveblazer’s boxed release from Thursday December 9th at 6pm GMT / 10am PT /1pm ET, through the Super Rare Games website.

We still want that underground Lord of the Flies, though.