Check Out Horizon Forbidden West’s Massive New Murder Machines

Horizon Forbidden West Machines

Horizon Forbidden West’s latest trailer has revealed some of the new beasts you, as protagonist Aloy, will have to face.

And by face, we mean run rapidly away from – because, let’s face it, anyone who’s tackled Horizon Zero Dawn has had a lot of close encounters with the machines that dominate this post-apocalyptic world. Yes, they have weak spots, but it’s hard to focus on shooting them in the appropriate place when they’re bearing down on you.

The new mecha-beasts are as follows:

  • The Slitherfang – it’s a giant robot acid-spitting snake.
  • The Rollerback – an armoured beast that seems to be able to bolster its own armour by absorbing metal. Also, the Slitherfang is a giant robot snake.
  • The Sunwing – a flying, pterodactyl style mech that can recharge itself from the sun. Did we mention that the Slitherfang is a GODDAMN GIANT ROBOT SNAKE?

Yes, we’re a little worried about encountering the Slitherfang, not least because, as the trailer helpfully informs us, it’s designed to kill. We’ve got a little while to gather up the courage to face one, however, as Horizon Forbidden West isn’t out till February 18th 2022 when it hits the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

You can check out the trailer above which, be warned, may contain a giant, humongous robot slaughtersnake.

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