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Cozy Grove Goes All Christmassy With its Winter Update

Cozy Grove Winter Update

Cozy Grove’s Winter Update, out right now, gives the life sim a snowy, seasonal makeover.

Cozy Grove, in case you missed our review, is an odd little game. It’s Animal Crossing but set on a haunted island, featuring characters with eyes the size of dish-plates. What’s particularly curious is that it behaves a little like a mobile game in that your play time is limited.

Normally that’d be a cue to either dump the game or get your credit card out but Cozy Grove doesn’t actually feature in-app purchases, it just limits your playing time. It’s a little like sitting down to binge watch The Expanse and having the Amazon app wag its finger at you, demanding you stick to one episode a day.

This latest update adds gift-giving, snowball fights, and more. Here’s what you can expect to encounter when you fire up Cozy Grove.

  • Winter Festival that begins December 23rd and runs for six weeks
  • New snowfolk characters you can craft and talk to
  • Special gifts you can make and give to the characters on the island
  • Wishing well that allows you to buy rare recipes
  • New “complete the pattern” minigame
  • A new background song added to the soundtrack
  • One more tent upgrade and interior room to decorate
  • Other various improvements, polish, and new content

It seems like, given the six week length of the Winter Festival, the content will be relatively short-lived. Though we’ll be curious to discover whether the content is removed after that time or if you can change your PC clock and get access to it once more.

It looks like fun, but we’re worried that Spry Fox LLC have forgotten the true meaning of Christmas. It’s not a proper Winter Festival unless you can pay £12 for a thimblefull of mulled wine or queue half an hour for an overpriced Bavarian sausage.

Still, if you do want to participate in Cozy Grove’s Winter Festival, the Winter Update is out now.

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