Dead by Daylight’s Newest Chapter Will Channel The Ring

Dead by Daylight Ringu

We’d love to tell you that The Ring’s Sadako is coming to Dead by Daylight in just seven days but we can’t.

Firstly, the newly revealed The Ring/Ringu content isn’t coming to Dead by Daylight content isn’t arriving till March 2022. Secondly, while Dead by Daylight’s developers, Behaviour Interactive have confirmed March’s Chapter 23 will draw upon The Ring (both the novel and the movie) they haven’t confirmed that antagonist Sadako will be the killer.

That said, we strongly suspect that’s who’ll be dispatching Dead by Daylight’s survivors, not least because the teaser trailer lingers on the well that Sadako is known for emerging from. She certainly is the most enduring long-haired ghost from a culture with a history of long-haired ghosts.


If you’ve never seen any of the movies, Sadako harvests her victims through a cursed video. Those who watch the video have a week to get someone else to watch it, otherwise Sadako will turn up and dispatch them. She’s featured in several sequels and even faced off against The Grudge’s Kayako in the appropriately titled Sadako vs Kayako.

And, if indeed it is Sadako, we’re certainly eager to see how the cursed videotape will figure into the game. Behaviour Interactive generally give serious thought to how each killer employs their abilities; Pinhead’s puzzle-box, for example, can be all-but-lethal in its own right. We’d love to see you have the ability to pass along the curse, forcing Sadako to pursue someone else.

It’s still early days, so you can expect to get official confirmation of who Dead by Daylight Chapter 23’s killer is a little later down the line, but the chapter will come to PC and consoles this March 2022.