December’s PlayStation Plus Games are Pretty Good

It’s a pretty good month on PlayStation Plus if I do say so myself.

As usual, three games will be available on PlayStation Plus in December. There’s no PS5 exclusive game either, so no matter what console you’re playing, you can enjoy all three titles. Your games are:

  • Godfall Challenger Edition (PS5 and PS4)
  • LEGO DC Super Villains (PS4)
  • Mortal Shell (PS4)

Three very good titles. Godfall launched alongside PS5 last November, with the PS4 version only landing a couple of months ago. If you enjoy looting and hack-and-slash combat, you’ll find a lot to enjoy here. Set in a high fantasy universe, there are plenty of enemies to battle against and finding loot to upgrade your character with is endlessly rewarding. It’s playable in co-op too, and is better with a friend by your side.

I’m sure that LEGO DC Super Villains needs no introduction. From Traveller’s Tales, it’s a LEGO game in its classic form: complete levels, bash stuff, collect studs. This one is themed with DC villains, so play as Joker, Harley Quinn and more in a world where the Justice League has vanished. It’s a great one for kids, but you’re never too old to enjoy a LEGO game.

Finally is Mortal Shell. If you love games like Dark Souls, you’ll get a kick out of this tough action RPG set in a ruinous world. Its world is a joy to explore, and some of its boss fights are truly exhilarating. You can read more about our experience with Mortal Shell in our review.

All three of December’s PlayStation Plus games will be available to download next Tuesday, 7th December. That means you’ve still got a few days to download November’s PS Plus games – Knockout City, First Class Trouble and Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning. And you’ve got until January 3rd to claim those bonus PSVR games that remain available.

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