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Does Halo Infinite Have a Photo Mode?

Halo Infinite

While Halo Infinite might not be the best looking game available right now, it does have some stunning scenery to take in.

Taking advantage of the power of Xbox Series X/S consoles, Halo Infinite has detailed textures, convincing lighting, and some very nice special effects. It’s the outdoor environments that really impress, however, or should we say, environment, now that the series has gone semi-open world. In any case, some of the sights on offer will have you rushing to open the game’s photo mode to take a quick picture.

You’ll be left disappointed though, as you’ll soon discover that Halo Infinite doesn’t have a photo mode. That’s right, one of the biggest games of 2021 doesn’t have a feature that’s now generally included as standard. Does it really come as a surprise, though, when even co-op is currently absent?

With Halo Infinite set to be improved and added to over time, there’s a good chance that a photo mode will become available eventually. Until then though, you’ll need to use the screenshot function of your Xbox console to capture any picturesque sights. At least it’s made a little bit more intuitive to do if you have a modern Xbox controller, thanks to its dedicated screenshot button.

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