Donald Duck Kicks Bottom in This Streets of Rage 2/Quackshot Crossover

Streets of Rage 2 Quackshot

Sure, Streets of Rage 4 is great, but does it have Donald Duck in it?

No, it doesn’t. Neither does Streets of Rage 2 but, thanks to rom modders/hackers thoroughly taking the game apart, you can insert more or less any character into the game.

You do, typically, need a character that’s already been in a game of some description, so the animation frames already exist. You could start from scratch but it’d be an awful lot of work which is why so many existing Mega Drive and arcade characters have been inserted into Sega’s classic beat-em-up.

We’ve seen Wonder Woman, Ryu from Street Fighter 2 and now, Donald Duck from Quackshot. Quackshot was an okay-ish game at the time but an enterprising modder transplanted him into Streets of Rage 2.

And yes, that’s as silly as it sounds. Playing as Donald, you can take down Mr X’s crime syndicate, beating up all manner of bad guys including an Ultimate Warrior knock-off, the secret love child of Freddy Krueger and SF2’s Blanka, several robots and more.

It’s not perfect – because Donald’s sprite so so small, he never quite connects when he throws people, but seeing this in action still had us grinning. You could, in theory, play this yourself but clicking on the ROM link in the video would be a bit naughty, so we can’t possibly endorse that.

Now, if only we can get someone to mod the Ghostbusters into Fatal Frame..