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Get a Super Rare Plaque With These Super Rare Games Charity Auctions

Super Rare Games Auction

Want to get your hands on rare, er, Super Rare Games plaque and help out a charity at the same time?

We were going to say something about spending your Christmas money but, right now, these auctions are doing so well, Aunty Jean would have to have been very, very, generous this year. But if you’re after a wall-mounted chunk of gaming joy, Super Rare games has you covered.

Super Rare Games puts out physical copies of Nintendo Switch games that haven’t had a retail release. Now, they’re holding several charity auctions, eBaying off four plaques, containing framed version of their titles.

According to Super Rare Games, only three of these plaques are made per game, and they’re rarely available to the public. They don’t specify who they’re given two, but we’re guessing at least one ends up in the home/office of the games’ creators. The plaques contain the game, boxed, collector’s cards and so forth.

They look rather snazzy and, if you feel like getting your hands on one, and supporting a charity as well, you can bid on them right now. The four auctions all end between 5PM and 6PM GMT this Thursday.

Here are the games you can bid on, along with the charity each is supporting:

These all would look fantastic on anyone’s wall, assuming whoever wins the auction – it could be you – doesn’t have an idiot relative who, next Christmas, will drunkenly rip them open so Little Billy has something to play on his new Nintendo Switch.

If you want to nab one of these, you have to be the highest bidder and while you can bid right now, there may well be a few last second bids as well. All proceeds will go to the charities in question.

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