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Halo Infinite Campaign Trailer

Halo Infinite’s Campaign Launch Trailer is Here

Halo Infinite releases next week so to remind you that the game exists, just in case you’d forgotten, Microsoft have put out a new campaign trailer.

The trailer features Master Chief in action, which might seem obvious but Halo 5: Guardians had the chief taking a back seat. He’s as badass as ever and he’s not alone, either. He’s accompanied by the pilot who picked him up in Halo’s 2019 E3 trailer as well as AI Cortana.

Hang on.. Cortana? Yes, in case you missed this little detail from the last campaign trailer, Master Chief has a new AI Cortana. The original Cortana is still out there, trying to take over the galaxy, but this new Cortana is right off the shelf. That must feel weird for Master Chief, given how much history he has with the original AI, and we’re hoping rogue Cortana doesn’t get swept under the carpet.

Previous trailers have given us a glimpse of Infinite’s bases, but this new trailer also shows Master Chief requisitioning a fighter jet to take down a base, before ejecting and laying into the survivors with a rocket launcher. Craig the Brute also seems very, very angry (yes, we know that’s not really Craig but we’re sticking with it).

Will you learn a lot from watching this trailer? Probably not, particularly if you’ve been poring over previous Halo Infinite trailers. But it’s a good way to whet your appetite for next week’s release which, we hope, will be the final chapter in the Reclaimer trilogy.

Halo Infinite is out next week, December 8th, on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC and Day 1 on Xbox Game Pass.

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