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Halo Infinite’s Campaign Mode Has a Quick Resume Problem

Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite’s campaign mode might be a lot of fun but, as confirmed by creators 343 Industries, there’s a snag.

No, we’re not talking about the way that, if you buy the physical edition of the game you can’t play it without downloading an additional 25GB of data, though that’s a hugely questionable move on Microsoft’s part. The issue, instead, relates to the multiplayer items you can uncover playing the single-campaign.

These items, uncovered by poking through armour lockers, get added to your multiplayer profile, provided you’re online. The snag is that if you use the Xbox Series X|S’s Quick Resume feature, which normally allows you to leap into a game without reloading, you won’t necessarily be connected to Halo Infinite’s servers. So, if you earn those items, they won’t register.

The same is true if you’re just playing offline. “If you are offline, or disconnected from services – which can occur after Quick Resume – the cosmetics won’t show up in your MP inventory,” warns 343’s Halo Community Director Brian Jarrad.

He goes on to advise players not to use Quick Resume but to load the game from scratch (you can quit out of the game from the dashboard) for now. A fix is in the works and, though this is a minor issue if you don’t play multiplayer Halo Infinite, and should retroactively add any missing multiplayer cosmetics.

In the meantime take care or, if you’ve yet to pick up Halo Infinite, check out our campaign mode review to help decide if it’s worth your time.

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