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Hitman 3’s Winter Roadmap Wishes You a Very Bloody Christmas

Hitman 3 Winter Roadmap 1

What’s Christmas without a little homicide? And, thanks IO Interactive’s Hitman 3 Winter Roadmap, Santa 47 is sure to deliver.

Why? Because Holiday Hoarders is back. If that means absolutely nothing to you, you’re in for a real treat. Yes, it’s not the only present IO is handing out but this Christmas mission is by far highlight of the Hitman 3 Winter Roadmap.

Over Christmas, Holiday Hoarders will be free to play for anyone with the Hitman 3 Free Starter Pack but if you own the game it’ll be available permanently, all year round. The mission is set in Hitman’s Paris palace and is a gloriously tongue-in-cheek riff on Home Alone.

As 47, you’re charged with hunting down Harry “Smokey” Bagnato and Marv “Slick” Gonif who are just legally distinct enough not to get IO Interactive sued. You can dispatch them howsoever you choose, but the mission’s real entertainment value comes from following in Kevin McAllister’s footsteps and arranging some “accidents” for them.

On top of these shenanigans, Santa himself is also lurking around the mansion and 47 can purloin his costume. Even better, you if you earn Santa’s outfit, you can take it to other levels and re-enact your own version of Silent Night, Deadly Night. Sure, other characters might raise an eyebrow, but it’s Christmas, dammit!

Holiday Hoarders is available right now, but there’s more. Here’s what else is coming to Hitman 3 this Winter:

  • The Hokkaido Snow Festival. Originating in Hitman , this “new” mission will be a permanent addition to Hitman 3, starting Jan 3rd.
  • Dubai. If you don’t own the full Hitman 3, from now until December 5th you’ll be able to play the main Dubai mission as well as any custom contracts that take place in that location. Just download the Hitman 3 Free Starter Pack and you’re good to go.
  • Elusive Targets. All Hitman 3’s Elusive Targets will be coming back, starting with The Ascensionist, arriving tomorrow. As is usual, if you’re killed during an Elusive Contract mission or otherwise fail it, you can’t retry it unless, as in this case, IO decide to bring the target back at a later date.
  • Curated Contracts. There are two new batches of Curated Contracts on the way, “Urbens Holiday Special” from Dec 21st and F7SC’s Winter Madness, from January 13th.

There’s a wealth of winter content and we’d love to say we’re going to dive into it like a dog hurling itself into a snowbank but the truth is we’re probably just going to play the hell out of Holiday Hoarders. The roadmap ends this July 19th but, as IO have revealed, they have big plans for Hitman 3 Year 2.

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