House Flipper’s Farm Flipper DLC Invites You to Breathe New Life Into an Ailing Farm

Farm Flipper

Farm Flipper has been announced and we’re ready to call Trading Standards over it.

It’s not that Farm Flipper, a new chunk of content for House Flipper, doesn’t look like fun, it seems as if it could be a real blast. From Polish developers Frozen District, it’s a mash-up of Farm Simulator 22 and House Flipper’s main game with just a dash of Stardew Valley.

Yes, you have to feed the cows and horses but there’s also plenty of maintenance work to to be done, such as scrambling onto the roof of a barn and fixing it up. You can expand the property so you can do more in the way of farming. In short, you can run your own little farm and collapse in bed when you’re too knackered to do anything else.

Sounds good? But.. how is this flipping? From the sound of things, everything is geared towards making you hang around. You’re not getting the farm ready for someone else to move in, you’re handling it all yourself. Someone should have a word, because flipping implies you’re moving on, making a profit each time. This isn’t Farm Flipper, this is just Farm.

If you can overlook that shocking truth, you can dive into Farm Flipper, provided you own the main House Flipper game, when it arrives towards the end of 2022. It’s set to land on PC but will no doubt eventually make its way to console.

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to look up Poland’s Sale of Goods act.