Microsoft’s 20 Years of Play Video Celebrates the Xbox, Old and New

Xbox 20 Years of Play Video

Microsoft has put out a new “20 Years of Play” video, celebrating the Xbox and its appeal down the generations.

It’s a sugary-sweet short, and starts with a couple playing the original Xbox, the one that’s so heavy you could beat a velociraptor to death with it. It concludes by showing the same couple with their kids, one of whom is playing Halo on the go thanks to Xbox Cloud Gaming.

It’s a cute little video, certainly, and a world away from the “banned” Life is Short video which sees a child being fired out of his mother, aging as he hurtles through the air, and crashing into a grave.

That said, it does skip the Xbox 360 and Xbox One generation so the family isn’t shown dealing with the Red Ring of Death, acting on vague internet advice and wrapping a towel round it in an effort to fix the infamous error. Nor does it show the Dad yelling at Xbox Customer Support because one of his discs has a massive circular scratch in it.

Still, it’s a neat way to mark the 20th anniversary of the Xbox and, if you’re less cynical than we are, it may even bring a tear to your eye.

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