Official PlayStation 5 Coloured Faceplates and Controllers are on the Way

PlayStation 5 New Controller and Console Colours

After waving an angry legal fist at third party cover makers, Sony has unveiled its own line of PlayStation 5 covers.

These covers, or faceplates if you prefer can be swapped out with your console’s existing one, to give them a new look. On top of that, Sony is also releasing a range of matching joypads. The colours are as follows:

  • Nova Pink
  • Starlight Blue
  • Galactic Purple
  • Cosmic Red
  • Midnight Black

Cosmic Red and Midnight Black-coloured DualSense controllers have been out for a while but you’ll now be able to purchase a cover to go along with them. I’m so used to the PlayStation 3 and 4 being jet black that we’ve been thinking of swapping out the cover on my console for a while now.


So what’s the catch? Firstly, these won’t arrive till January and being official covers you can expect them to be in high demand. Secondly, you can already get third party covers, despite Sony’s legal posturing. I’m hoping these new covers retail for a reasonable price but given they’re an official Sony product I have the sneaking suspicion Sony will charge a premium. The only difference, as far as I can tell, is that these official covers (which will be sold separately from the controllers) have the sony “P” logo on it.

You’ve got until January 2022 at least to decide if you’re going to take the plunge. You can find out more from Sony’s official announcement.