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The Gunk’s New Featurette Has a Old-West Prospector Vibe

The Gunk Featurette

The Gunk’s newest featurette proves that The Stuff should be compulsory viewing for anyone heading into space.

The featurette, narrated by Fiona Nova, who voices protagonist Rani, is meant to be a closer look at this upcoming sci-fi actioner’s alien world. Instead, it left us with two distinct messages. Firstly, if you’re heading out to the final frontier to make your fortune, you should expect to die horribly in space. And, secondly, if you do discover some strange alien goo, don’t be surprised when it turns out to be sentient and tries to eat your face.

The former sentiment is the driving force behind The Gunk, and it explains why Rani would choose to ignore the lesson that The Stuff, Larry Cohen’s 1985 horror comedy, imparted. She’s the space-based equivalent of an old-timey prospector, heading to the hills and panning for gold.

The featurette highlights how desperate she is for a big score, so when she discovers The Gunk she throws caution to the wind. It doesn’t explain how she got her starship, but you can just imagine her selling everything she owns in the hope that she’ll make it rich out in the void.

Will she learn her lesson? We hope so, but don’t count on that putting paid to her Gunk-collecting. You can take up her rather suspect quest when The Gunk arrives later this December 16th. It’ll be landing on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC and, since it’s also hitting Xbox Game Pass Day 1, you’ll be able to play it for free if you’re a Game Pass subscriber.

Just don’t put any of The Gunk in your mouth, that’s just asking for trouble.


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