These AI-Generated Pokémon Veer Between Adorable and Nightmarish

AI Generated Pokemon

What would you get if you give all the Gen 1 Pokémon to an AI and ask it to create its own?

Depending upon which Pokemon you find yourself gawping at, potentially a lot of sleepless nights. Data specialist Max Woolf did just that and the results, while initially convincing, include some strange mash-ups.

We’re well aware that “I fed an AI X and asked it create Y” is a well-used meme and that, in those cases, the content in question is actually written by some prankster. Woolf has created some actual AI-driven tools, so we’re inclined to believe him but feel free to take these creations with a pinch of salt.

What’s impressive is how, in most cases, the AI’s creations aren’t just a mash of body parts, except for one where there’s a leg just floating in the air. Our absolute favourite has to be the creature we’re dubbing Arseachu, whose picture you can find at the top of this article.

We’re hoping someone feeds these creatures into another AI, so they can get their own “proper” Pokémon names, along with an AI generated ability or two. Well, the ones that don’t look like they crave the sweet release of death, at least.

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