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Playstation Gran Turismo Championships

Watch the FIA Certified Gran Turismo Championships With PlayStation

The FIA Certified Gran Turismo Championships are taking place this weekend and, thanks to PlayStation, you can watch them for free.

That’s good news if you’re a motorsports fan. It’s not great news, because the cars still aren’t being driven by someone’s grandma. With a name like Gran Turismo we expect to tune in and see a blue rinse barely visible over the wheel, but maybe that’s just us.

The reason PlayStation are getting involved is that, for quite some time, the PlayStation has been the home of the official Gran Turismo game series, starting all the way back in 1997 with Gran Turismo on the PS1. The next Gran Turismo title, Gran Turismo 7, is set to debut in March 2022. No doubt Sony are hoping some of the people who tune in to watch will be sufficiently swayed to pick up the game.

So how and when do you tune in to the championships? You can watch them this weekend, December 3rd to 5th, with events taking place at the following time:

  • Friday, December 3 — 6am PT / 2pm GMT / 3PM CET / 11pm JST Toyota Gazoo Racing GT Cup
  • Saturday, December 4 — 6am PT / 2pm GMT / 3PM CET / 11pm JST FIA Certified Gran Turismo Championships Manufacturer Series
  • Sunday, December 5 — 6am PT / 2pm GMT / 3PM CET / 11pm JST FIA Certified Gran Turismo Championships Nations Cup (including the Porsche Vision GT reveal)

As to where, you can watch them on the PlayStation/Gran Turismo YouTube page here. If you are tempted get into the games, or if you’re already a fan, Gran Turismo 7 drives onto the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 this March 4th 2022.

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