Weird West Won’t Be Riding Out Until March Next Year


Wicki-wicki Weird Weird West! Yes, we’ve already done that one, but given that the action-RPG has been delayed till March of next year, why not?

We took a look at this spooky Old West outing in November, when we got our hands on a preview build. We remarked that, although we only played one of the four protagonists,” …it’s clear that this is a game that’s going to have a lot of fans.”

However, any fans-in-waiting are going to have to wait, due to the aforementioned delay. “The team understands that this might be a disappointment to folks, but want to ensure that the game they’ve worked on for years is launched in the best form possible,” reads WolfEye Studios’ statement.

And, to be fair, they’ve got a point. We’d sooner see a game get released in a decent state, rather than receive a shoddy product which has to be built up by patch after patch after patch. And, right now, delayed games is very much the norm, not least due to the pressure the pandemic is putting on some studios. There’s an accompanying video statement, which you can watch below, though it’s tantalisingly vague.

Weird West’s new release date is March 31st 2022, and it’ll be dropping on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. You can flag your interest in the title by wishlisting it on Steam.