3DOOM Eternal

DOOM Eternal 7 (1)

Featuring a truly epic campaign and an original multiplayer mode, DOOM Eternal is undoubtedly one of the best FPS games on Xbox right now. And if you have an Xbox Series X, it looks absolutely amazing.

Making your through expansive levels, you’ll find yourself up against a wide range of demons. You’ll need to figure out their weak spots and capitalise upon them to succeed on higher difficulty levels, and you’ll always want to stay on the move.

With lots of upgrades and collectibles to find, DOOM Eternal has plenty of replayablity. Though ripping and tearing a legion of demons is fun enough in itself to want to return time and time again. So, if you want the best first-person shooter games on Xbox, you need DOOM Eternal in your collection. It’s as simple as that. There are numerous expansions available now, too. And of course, with Bethesda now owned by Microsoft, it’s available on Xbox Game Pass.

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