3Stranded Deep

Your plane has crashed and, clambering into a life raft, you find yourself washed up on shore of an isolated desert island. No, this isn’t the opening to Tom Hanks movie Cast Away; it’s Stranded Deep, one of the best survival games you can play on PS4.

The first island you find yourself on in Stranded Deep only has enough for you to survive for a couple of days. After learning the basics, you’ll be forced to take your raft to other nearby islands, searching for more food, water and means of survival. You’re completely responsible for your own wellbeing, so you’ll need to learn to hunt, build a shelter, and more. All that’s missing is a volleyball called Wilson and the need to knock out your own tooth with an ice skate.

A big part of Stranded Deep is travelling between islands, so using your raft, and eventually creating a more robust boat-like contraption, will be a priority. But in the game’s early hours, simply finding enough food and drink to keep you alive will be enough of a tall task. Our advice? Don’t eat too many coconuts – your character’s bowels will never forgive you.