1Love Twin-Stick Shooters? Make Sure You Play These

The twin-stick shooter genre offers some of the most adrenaline-pumping action you can experience.

If you love running and gunning your way through enemies, wildly spraying bullets in every direction as you go, then the twin-stick shooter genre was made for you. And what makes it even better is that most twin-stick shooters can be played in co-op, too. But what are the best twin-stick shooters on PS4?

As we’ve played a huge number of the twin-stick shooters available on PS4, hopefully we can help you with that question. We’ve put together a list of the twin-stick shooters available on PS4 that we’ve enjoyed the most.

Each and every one of these games has our seal of approval. So, click on through, find a new game to play, and most importantly, enjoy blasting hordes of enemies.