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Can You Play Nobody Saves the World in Co-op or Multiplayer With Friends?

Thinking of playing Nobody Saves the World, but wondering if it has any multiplayer or co-op modes? Here’s what you need to know.

The short answer is yes, Nobody Saves the World does support co-op play. This fun and colourful action RPG from Drinkbox Studios, the team that brought us Guacamelee can be played in co-op with one other player either online or locally.

In order to access Nobody Saves the World‘s online co-op mode, simply choose the online play option from the menu before you start playing. From there, you’ll be able to team up with a friend and enjoy the crazy adventure together.

And, via a new patch, Nobody Saves the World now also has local multiplayer. Getting started is easy. Simply create a new solo game (or jump into an existing one). And, with a second controller, get a friend to press ‘X’, adding them into your game.

The bad news is that player two won’t earn any trophies, at least on PlayStation, the format we’ve so far tested it on. It’s also a little awkward jumping into menus: whether you’re playing online or locally, both players will see exactly the same thing. That means you’ll have to get used to the other player jumping into the menu to redeem quests or change characters fairly often.

And so, co-op play is a nice feature in Nobody Saves the World. But you’re much better off playing by yourself if you want to fully enjoy the game.

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